If you're tired of stressful posts on social media, you're not alone. More than half of 2,000 people surveyed said they've slashed their social media time. The pandemic and national discord are to blame, according to a study from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Users said they can't cope with the stress that comes from scary content and hostile interactions.

For health marketers, lack of social engagement can cut off essential communication between providers and patients. You can't afford to lose touch right now, not with COVID-19 still sweeping across the country and flu season on the horizon. Here are five ways to re-engage your patients on social media.

  1. Be reliable. Your patients and communities want a source they can trust in this era filled with alarming posts and misinformation. Choose your words wisely. Post facts that calm fears. Leverage social advertising solutions to be the brand everyone turns to for authoritative information.
  2. Take action. Share the precautions you're taking to protect your patients' health. Talk about why you've changed policies or procedures to better serve your constituents. Engage with followers who disagree with your changes. People respect transparency.
  3. Join forces. Don't feel like you have to be responsible for every message you share. Repost and retweet announcements from other sources. Check out the CDC's COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit. It includes images and messages you can reuse on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The CDC also has a Digital Media Toolkit for the 2020-2021 flu season featuring social media images and messages. The NIH has COVID-19 Social Media Resources and WHO has shareable slides that address seasonal flu and COVID-19 myths.
  4. Remain accessible. Keep up with conversations on your social channels. If your followers post comments or questions, respond in a timely manner. Don't leave anyone hanging. If you don't join in the dialogue, your patients may seek another provider who will.
  5. Spread hope. You've got a little over three months before 2020 ends. Why not use the time to share holiday hashtags, inspirational patient stories, or images of team members doing what they do best — caring for people? Posts like these will balance out your more serious messages with hope and humanity.

Turn to CMG Health Marketing if you're in need of a revised social strategy. We're committed to helping you create the right messaging and solutions that resonate with your patients.