Connecting Patients with Healthcare Organizations

We partner with medical organizations to help save and change lives by connecting consumers locally with the healthcare organizations they need.

Are you ready to grow your reach and revenue? Partner with CMG Health Marketing, backed by the extensive assets of CMG, to leverage our comprehensive suite of healthcare marketing services for unrivaled growth.

Our omnichannel, multimedia marketing services ensure that your organization will thrive and outshine the intense competition in the healthcare industry. Reaching today's health-conscious, digital-savvy consumers requires strategic engagement across multiple media channels. Our services enable you to capture consumers’ attention, strengthen brand authority, acquire more patients, and nurture lasting relationships.

With our expert guidance and unrivaled media resources, your healthcare organization will remain at the forefront of health consumers' minds. Your inspired messaging will leave an indelible impression that sparks action when your services are needed most.

Our data-driven approach, combined with outstanding creative talent, yields exceptional outcomes to maximize your return on investment (ROI) including increased website traffic, an influx of new patients, and a substantial boost in your organization's bottom line.

A relentless focus on results is at the heart of what we do. By engaging health consumers numerous times across multiple channels, we establish a top-of-mind presence that ensures your brand is patients’ first choice for healthcare solutions and services.

From increased brand awareness to substantial revenue growth, the experienced team and proven strategies of CMG Health Marketing will propel your organization toward unparalleled success. Experience the power of a comprehensive marketing approach that leaves a lasting impact, drives meaningful connections, and takes your healthcare organization to extraordinary new heights and growth.

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TV and Radio Advertising

Experience the unparalleled reach and influence of these time-tested media channels, strategically positioned to drive revenue growth and accelerate patient acquisitions.

Our television and radio advertising services are fueled by the extensive media resources of CMG, ensuring your brand reaches a vast audience of engaged viewers and listeners. With targeted campaigns tailored to your healthcare organization's objectives, we capture the attention of your target demographic, leaving a lasting impression that drives measurable results.

Television advertising brings your message to life with sight, sound, and emotion. With your choice of prime-time commercials, expertly crafted brand integrations, or impactful sponsorships, we ensure your healthcare organization stands out amidst the visual landscape. The transformative power of television advertising provides heightened visibility, expanded brand awareness, and an influx of new patients in need of your exceptional healthcare services.

Radio advertising offers an exceptional opportunity to connect with your target audience via its broad and loyal listeners. Through expertly crafted audio commercials and engaging sponsorships, we captivate listeners and establish your brand as a trusted authority. Experience the power of radio as it drives increased website traffic, generates quality leads, and fosters a deeper connection with patients seeking healthcare solutions.

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Display Advertising

Unlock the power of precision with dynamic display advertising. Seamlessly connect with the healthcare consumers who matter most, precisely when they need you most. Captivate your target audience across national, local, and niche websites, utilizing cutting-edge targeting technology that maximizes your visibility and amplifies your message.

Our dedicated team combines data-driven insights and creative artistry to ensure your brand stands out clearly across the busy, crowded digital landscape. By hyper-targeting the patients you truly need and want, we empower you to forge meaningful connections and drive measurable results.

Elevate your healthcare organization's online presence with our comprehensive display advertising solutions. Whether you seek to promote specialized medical service lines, grow your health and wellness programs, or strengthen your hospital's brand, the CMG Health Marketing team of experts will help you attain your business goals.

Partner with us to experience the transformative potential of captivating visuals, compelling messaging, and expertly tailored campaigns.

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Paid Search

Supercharge your healthcare organization's visibility with our powerful paid search solutions. Experience the exhilarating speed and unwavering effectiveness of capturing the attention of health-conscious consumers on search engine results pages.

Our expertly crafted ad campaigns will help you attract more patients and ignite a sense of urgency to compel them to take decisive action. Don't let your brand get buried in the depths of search engine obscurity!

We'll improve click-through rates, drive more traffic directly to your website, and increase new appointments. Our proven strategies and meticulous keyword research ensure your ads are precisely positioned to captivate and convert. Your organization will appear at the top of search results, to be immediately discovered by consumers actively seeking the healthcare solutions you offer.

By dominating the search engine landscape, your healthcare organization gains an unparalleled advantage, outshining competitors and further solidifying your reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Unleash the power of instant visibility and inspire potential patients to take that crucial step toward improved health and well-being.

Embrace the unlimited opportunities provided by paid search ads and the extraordinary impact they have on your healthcare marketing results. With our expert paid search services, every click holds the promise of transformative connections and unprecedented growth.

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Ignite your healthcare organization's online presence with the power of search engine optimization (SEO). Elevate your website's visibility while positioning your organization as an authority in healthcare to attract the attention of discerning health seekers.

We implement proven optimization techniques throughout your healthcare content tailored to the unique needs of your organization's target audience. Our expert team adeptly navigates the intricacies of local listings management, ensuring that your organization outshines your competitors when consumers seek nearby healthcare solutions. For strategic content marketing, we craft compelling narratives that engage, inform, and captivate your target audience.

We help your search rankings soar to new heights, surpassing competitors and leaving a lasting impression on health-conscious consumers. By expertly aligning your online presence with the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines, we generate a steady stream of quality leads, efficiently converting internet searches into valuable appointments.

With our comprehensive SEO strategies, your website becomes an invaluable resource, offering the information, reassurance, and trust that patients seek in their healthcare journey.

Partner with us for unrivaled visibility and exponential growth. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of search engine optimization, where every keyword, meta tag, and backlink holds the key to forging lasting impressions and driving content reach for brand growth.

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Social Media

Our social media management services help you to establish an unbreakable connection with today's tech-savvy health consumers. Position your healthcare organization's messaging where consumers spend a significant portion of their online lives: on popular social media platforms. Engage, captivate, and leave an indelible imprint on the minds of potential patients.

With strategic ad placements on dynamic platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, (?) we ensure your brand remains at the forefront of consumers' minds.

Our experienced team crafts compelling ads that seamlessly blend into the social media experience, leaving a lasting impression and sparking curiosity.

Harnessing precision targeting, cutting-edge tools, and data-driven insights, we showcase your social media content to the right audience at the right time. From demographic segmentation to behavioral targeting, we lay the foundation for meaningful connections that transcend beyond the digital landscape into real world appointments and growth.

We'll help you navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape to produce results. Every like, comment, and share brings you closer to your audience and nurtures your vibrant community of engaged patients.

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Unleash the persuasive power of sight, sound, and motion with our exceptional video services tailored specifically for the healthcare industry. Elevate your healthcare organization's reach and engagement by captivating patients through impactful pre-roll and mid-roll video advertisements, strategically placed before and during relevant news, weather updates, entertainment, and a wide array of digital video content.

Leverage the immersive potential of video advertising to tell your organization's unique story in a compelling and memorable way. Our expert team will create visually stunning and emotionally moving videos that resonate with your target audience to showcase the exceptional care you provide.

We empower you to connect with patients on a deeper level, driving increased engagement and fostering meaningful relationships. Our video services help you to depict your healthcare services in action, providing an authentic glimpse into the transformative experiences patients can expect.

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Creative Design

Ignite your healthcare organization's brand recognition and market presence with our expert creative design services. Our team of seasoned designers craft captivating visual, written, and audio experiences that resonate with your target audience of health consumers to drive optimum results.

From eye-catching banner ads to immersive, dramatic rich media executions, our creative team will bring your media presence to life to achieve your growth goals. We understand that every organization is unique, which is why we customize each creative project to align with your specific objectives and brand identity.

Our innovative designs seamlessly blend aesthetics with purposeful messaging and results. Whether you seek to inspire action, promote brand awareness, or engage patients on a deeper level, our creative designs will capture the attention of health consumers in need of your services.

From attractive graphics to stunning animations, we create marketing masterpieces that enthrall and captivate your target audience. With the power of creativity, we ignite emotions and forge connections that drive increased engagement, patient acquisition, and revenue growth.

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Streaming Services

In today's digital landscape, streaming services are also an integral part of consumers' lives. We provide comprehensive streaming packages that strategically place your commercials on popular streaming platforms, reaching an audience that consumes media on their own terms. Embrace the power of digital streaming as it amplifies your reach, engages tech-savvy consumers, and enhances your organization's revenue potential.

Nielsen reports that, as of 2022, more Americans watch TV via streaming services than either broadcast or cable TV. Additionally, advertising on streaming services enables companies to purchase ads based on the specific audience characteristics, rather than buying ads based solely upon location or by the show.

Advertising on streaming services also enables you to leverage a variety of innovative technologies such as ACR (Automated Content Recognition) for your OTT (over the top) advertising, to reach your precise target audience more frequently over time.

With the technology available for advertising on streaming services, you can target your audience based upon recent/previous purchases or online browsing habits, as well as any lifestyle factors or life events/life stages they are experiencing.

Incorporating streaming ads into your digital strategy of display ads plus TV, Radio, and audio provides an added boost in website views and engagement of up to 28%.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for targeting health consumers and promoting healthcare services and wellness programs. One of the key benefits is its ability to deliver personalized and targeted content directly to individuals' inboxes. By segmenting email lists based on demographics, interests, and past behaviors, healthcare organizations can tailor their messages to specific consumer groups, increasing engagement and response rates.

Furthermore, email marketing enables healthcare organizations to establish and nurture long-term relationships with existing and prospective health consumers. By regularly sending informative and educational content, such as newsletters, health tips, and updates on available services, healthcare organizations can position themselves as trusted sources of information and maintain top-of-mind awareness.

In 2023, email marketing has grown in popularity and preference by consumers as a favorite way to receive information about brands, products, services, discounts, etc. Therefore, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools across the board.

CMG Health Marketing


Year-Over-Year Increase in Testing

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Services

Driving Growth, Awareness, and Engagement for LGBTQ+ Healthcare Services

Client Business and Marketing Goal

The client, a healthcare facility serving LGBTQ+ populations in Northeast Georgia, sought to bolster its general branding and awareness while concurrently increasing website traffic. Of key importance was the promotion of testing and prevention services for HIV/STIs, including facilitating appointments for PrEP and PeP.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges encountered revolved around crafting messaging that effectively communicated the importance of STI/HIV testing and prevention and also did so in a sensitive manner. It was imperative to ensure inclusivity in messaging while navigating potential stigmas associated with such services.

The Approach

The CMG team crafted a multifaceted approach, employing email marketing through Site Impact as a primary tactic. This was complemented by the strategic use of social media for retargeting and creating look-alike audiences. Interest-based qualifiers, such as Netflix show viewership, were utilized for precise audience targeting.


The budget for CMG solutions was $5,000 per month.


Success was gauged through various metrics, including:

  • Link clicks to the client's website
  • Year-over-year comparisons of HIV testing numbers
  • Overall amplification of market awareness.

The Result

CMG's efforts yielded remarkable results During the campaign spanning from July to December 2023.

The campaign generated an impressive 1.1 million social media impressions, effectively widening the reach of the client's message.

Moreover, the initiative drove 22,700 link clicks to the client's websites, surpassing established benchmarks with an impressive 1.94% click-through rate (CTR).

Notably, there was a substantial 50% year-over-year increase in HIV testing numbers, with 5,900 tests conducted in 2023.

Additionally, CMG played a pivotal role in facilitating the sell-out of the client's annual benefit show through strategically devised social media and display campaigns.


This case study illustrates CMG Health Marketing's resourcefulness and efficacy in driving growth, awareness, and community engagement for healthcare facilities, including those catering to marginalized populations.

By deploying strategic campaigns and leveraging innovative client acquisition strategies, CMG significantly enhanced brand visibility while substantially growing appointment volume and revenue for the healthcare organization.

What is the greatest health marketing challenge your team faces today? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hand it off to someone else to solve for you?

Contact CMG Health Marketing today to learn how our resources and strategies can help you overcome your toughest health marketing challenges.

CMG Health Marketing


Increase in leads

Florida Dentistry Practice

The Challenge

A prominent dental practice in Tampa needed a cohesive brand and marketing strategy with impactful messaging. Prior to meeting the CMG team, their only lead drivers were print advertising and a small PPC campaign. Top priorities for the client included a partner that was local and digital savvy. They wanted to be regularly informed on the latest digital trends including responsive website design and social media.

The Approach

The CMG team conducted a brand/marketing strategy workshop in the initial stages of the relationship with the client to truly understand their business and goals. This discovery session allowed us to put together a strong, comprehensive marketing recommendation that included responsive website redesign, SEO, blogs & native, PPC, retargeting, display, and social advertising.

As the relationship with the client has evolved, we have continually optimized the campaigns for success and tapped into the latest consumer data and research to refine our strategy.

The Result

The overall strategy in this campaign led to the client's phone call leads being doubled. The practice set new patient revenue records after being in business for 35 years. In fact, they have set a new sales goal of $800,000 per month. The annual charity event they put on in the fall was picked up by local TV stations due to a strong PR strategy.

Most importantly, the client's marketing success has contributed to their bottom line and ability to expand to a second location.

Partner with CMG Health Marketing to achieve the extraordinary results that our omnichannel healthcare marketing services can deliver. Experience the unmatched influence of these media channels, harnessed with our expertise and powered by CMG's extensive multimedia resources. Let us guide you toward a future of increased revenue, heightened brand recognition, and a thriving patient base.

Together, we'll shape a healthcare marketing strategy that resonates with health consumers to inspire action and propel your organization towards unprecedented growth and success.

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