Fasten your seat belts, healthcare marketers. Retail giant, Walmart, plans to open low-cost primary health clinics with prices 30 to 50 percent lower than physicians. Can you compete? Yes! How? Work your brand.

Walmart's clinics, currently in the pilot stage, will offer:

  • Primary care;
  • Lab work;
  • Imaging;
  • Dental care; and
  • Counseling service.

But wait, there's more. Walmart is also looking to offer home services and mobile units with specialty services, like a mobile women's health clinic. And they'll take insurance.

If the pilot clinics succeed, they'll go nationwide. It's time for your marketing team to start making a case for your healthcare organization and why you're the better choice.

There's a tool for that-brand awareness.

Branding done right distinguishes you from the competition by elevating your unique attributes in the consumers' minds. Making a memorable impression, both emotional and functional, builds trust and leads patients to your door.

Leveraging brand in the changing healthcare landscape

Think of your brand as a promise that sharpens people's perception of you.

  • Can your brand promise deliver an outstanding patient and family experience? Healthcare is personal, and big retail outlets are not known for a personal connection.
  • What are your strengths? Communicate what you do well. Chronic care management? Pediatrics? Sports medicine? Care for all generations in a family, including elder care?
  • Do your differences separate your healthcare team from the competition? Talk about awards, expertise around the latest tests and technology, top physicians or exceptional patient experience.

How will you win? Work it!

Branding isn't just for retailers. Healthcare marketers can use brand awareness to set their practice apart. You'll also build trust and loyalty that will both attract and retain patients.

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