As you get ready to market your practice, it's easy to jump right into the details of your campaign - developing a strategy that sets you apart from your competitors and establishing a budget that accomplishes your marketing goals. While these are important considerations, it's also critical to take time to ensure you have the right infrastructure before you launch any marketing campaign.

Like the equipment, technology and processes that enable effective patient care, marketing infrastructure refers to the behind-the-scenes things that make your campaigns effective. Marketing infrastructure can range from front-office details (like making sure employees are prepared to handle potential patient inquiries), to back-office projects (like a fast website that looks good on both a phone and a tablet).

Here are four ways you can prepare your practice for your next marketing campaign:

Let your employees know the role they play in new patient marketing - Prepare your staff to respond to extra phone calls, emails and direct messages once your campaign begins - messaging about providers and services should be consistent. Set your employees up for success by providing a script or talking points.

Ensure your website can handle the heat - In addition to having a fast website with an intuitive design that translates to any device (desktop, phone or tablet), make sure your site can handle an increased number of visitors. Your website is often a patient's first experience with your practice and having an effective web strategy is paramount. If you don't have a web partner, this is a great time to find one that can help you take your practice's digital presence to a new level.

Invest in tracking tools - Think through your future call to action - the way you'll direct potential patients to learn more about your practice. If you'll use a dedicated phone number, consider partnering with a call tracking company to help you measure how many calls are converting to patient visits. If you prefer a digital call to action, work with your web partner to create a landing page - a page specifically designed to be an extension of your ad. You'll use it to generate leads by capturing information from people who are interested in learning more about your services.

Boost Your Social Media Presence - Once your marketing campaign catches a potential patient's eye, they're more likely to check out your social media while researching providers. Use this prep time to build social media content that positions you as an expert.

Taking time to ensure your marketing infrastructure is sound will help increase your chances of marketing success. Partners like CMG Health Marketing can help you get ready. Reach out today to learn more.