What will the workplace look like in 2021, especially for those who are employed by companies based in traditional offices? According to a recent survey by IDC, 87 percent of businesses expect that employees will still work from home at least three days a week even after they fully reopen as the pandemic subsides.

Regardless of what the future holds, one thing is certain: More people are experiencing pain and injury as a result of having a home office that's not ergonomically set up.

Leverage these ideas to develop a plan for marketing to this emerging work-from-home patient population.

Share tips for an ergonomic home office

Showcase your expertise and build trust by sharing home office tips to build engagement with your current and potential patients:

  • Write a blog post - Develop one post or a series of posts covering ways to optimize a home office space. Address different desk parts, such as the chair position, monitor angle and keyboard and mouse placement. Make sure your instructions are descriptive or include images.
  • Create an e-book or guide - If you're writing a series of blog posts on home office set-ups, consider compiling those posts into a well-designed .pdf or e-book that you can share with your patients or subscribers.
  • Share a video - Some of your patients may be visual learners. Try recording videos that demonstrate stretches that can help improve flexibility and reduce strain.

Raise awareness about common injuries

Connect with patients about work-from-home injuries at the right moment to capture and convert your audience:

  • Launch a social media campaign - Develop creative and messaging that addresses different pains or strains your patients may be experiencing - like "text neck" or "selfie elbow".
  • Create a landing page - Use the page to position yourself as a work-from-home injury expert. Dentists: Do your patients know that excessive stress can lead to increased teeth grinding at night or tooth trauma?
  • Plan and execute a paid search strategy - Leverage search advertising to drive traffic, increase brand recognition and convert patients who need your care. If you have a lean staff, partner with a marketing solutions provider to build and optimize your campaign in a way that truly maximizes your return.

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