If you don't measure performance, you're flying blind. However, if you collect too much data, your vision gets blurry. How do you know what's important? Here are a few quick tips to help focus your attention on exactly what matters.

Most healthcare marketers track the baseline metrics that paint a picture of their site's overall health - like traffic sources, top landing pages, pageviews, engagement stats and downloads. Take it to the next level with these three site performance metrics:

Landing Page Conversions

Drill down to the individual landing page to see how it's performing from a user engagement perspective. For example, a campaign for your new bariatrics program has a landing page linked to your display ads, social posts and emails. Measure true conversions resulting from calls to action like:

  • Filling out a form to request an appointment with a physician.
  • Clicking on the call-now button for more information.

Use these insights to focus on tactics that increase conversions.

Event Tracking

Event tracking takes landing page conversion a step farther. An "event" is a specific interaction with content, like watching a video or filling out a form. Tracking events helps you identify a missed conversion opportunity. You'll see:

  • How many people watched your video all the way through and how many only partially.
  • The number of people that start to fill out your form but don't complete and submit it.

Exit Rate

Look beyond the bounce rate metric (the number of visitors who leave your site after viewing only one page) to the exit rate (the number of visitors who look at several pages and leave your site from the last page they read). If you were expecting clicks beyond that last page, there's a problem that needs fixing.

These types of measures deliver data that you can use to engage people further and improve the user experience. For example, are people not completing a form or taking another action because it's too complex? Consider simplifying. Are some pages getting less traffic than anticipated? Take a look at navigation and opportunities to improve SEO.

Don't waste time tracking the wrong metrics. CMG Health Marketing can help you choose metrics to guide the actions that lead to success. Contact us today.