Does your budget look alarmingly small for all you need to accomplish? Fear not. In the digital age, even a little money can achieve a lot. The trick is to create a concentrated strategy to keep from spreading yourself too thin. For a simple yet powerful spending plan:

  • Prioritize your goals
  • Know your audience
  • Optimize your website
  • Choose the tactics you’re best at
  • Let your ROI guide you

Narrow your goals. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Promote community wellness? Drive more appointments for high margin procedures? It may be difficult to achieve every one of these goals with a small budget. Instead, focus on one and build a multi-channel tactical plan to drive success.

Gather consumer insights. Know your target audience and understand how to reach them. If you’re trying to connect with seniors and baby boomers, Facebook might be the best place to spend money. If it’s millennial moms you’re after, YouTube might be the channel of choice.

Stay on top of marketing best practices. Today that includes knowing that email must be mobile-optimized. Continually try new ways to stay engaged with your patients. Do you get better results by offering a newsletter subscription or live chats with physicians?

Feed your website a constant diet of rich content. Content marketing is one of your most powerful tools. It produces a robust ROI. Make sure your website is optimized to deliver a strong user experience. A high converting website is the backbone of any marketing campaign.

Choose one social media channel and do it well. Don’t feel the pressure to launch on Instagram just because Instagram is hot. Is it right for your target audience and content? If not, and you’re achieving great results on Facebook or YouTube, build on that.

Measure return on investment frequently to see if you’re making progress toward your goals. Reallocate resources according to what’s working best, and consistently fine-tune all your tactics.

Even if your resources are low, your marketing impact can be high. Be smart about priorities, keep your eye on your ROI, and play to your strengths.

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