The explosion of digital entertainment and content is a luxury for healthcare marketers. Take advantage of that windfall by deploying a multichannel marketing strategy.

Multichannel means activating several tactics from a robust set of tools and can help amplify your voice by:

  • Reaching your target audience where they listen, read, and get their entertainment.
  • Reinforcing your positive reputation for expertise, patient care, and compassion.
  • Positioning your brand top of mind in patients seeking care.

The greatest benefit of multichannel marketing is the breadth of existing tactics to choose from, and an almost constant stream of new options on the horizon.

Traditional media tactics all experience a boost when paired with tactics like social media, podcasts, blogs, video, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and targeted digital advertising. Even patient contact centers or website chatbots can be effective marketing tools when they are leveraged to positively enhance the patient experience.

Know your customers before creating a multichannel marketing plan

No doubt you're familiar with the adage "measure twice, cut once". Before picking tactics or launching a campaign, one question is essential: Who are you trying to reach?

Understanding your target market will help you make smart tactical decisions that will lead to better results.

It seems common sense to know a target audience that is past retirement age will prioritize much different platforms than a busy millennial. Looking deeper into the psychographic needs of your target will help you choose the best times, platforms and messaging to achieve your campaign goals.

Today's marketing automation tools can provide almost instant feedback on how your target audience is responding - or not - to your tactics. That feedback allows you to change a current campaign or use the results to inform a future one.

With multichannel marketing, the magic is in the mix

It's always essential to have clear messages about the benefits patients experience when they choose your practice. Multichannel marketing allows you to amplify those messages across tactics that complement and reinforce each other.

For example, let's look at how a multichannel marketing strategy could influence a patient researching cosmetic surgery to evaluate and choose a provider. A cosmetic surgery provider could:

  • Optimize website and blog content to try to reach patients comparing specific procedure options.
  • Use advertising on radio and television to build brand recognition.
  • Bid for ad placement - with a "click to call" link on Google to appear on the first page of search results.
  • Use Google My Business to be presented when someone searches for the best cosmetic surgeons "near me".

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