Health is personal. Healthcare marketing should be personal, too. It connects at an emotional level - and can even shape positive health outcomes. For healthcare marketers, however, personalization comes with a special challenge: a complex consumer journey to care that is often nonlinear.

Even if your marketing team is small, it is possible to proactively prioritize personalization. Here are 5 ways to stray from cookie-cutter messages and show you care:

  1. Listen to social media. Consumers are always on mobile and social channels sharing and searching. Listening to their pain points, questions and expectations helps you understand the people you're creating messages for.
  2. Develop patient personas. Use the insights you've gathered to put together or update as many personas as needed to represent your patient population. Then design empathetic messaging that feels like it was customized just for them.
  3. Think beyond your blog. Every step of the patient journey is unique. Broaden your reach with content strategies that include articles, educational videos, patient-to-patient communication forums, and smart tools or apps that build trust along the way.
  4. Appoint a swift response team. Consumers with mobile devices expect real-time interactions. Having a team in place to make sure they get prompt valuable answers to their medical questions and suggestions for the best next action makes a memorable impression.
  5. Work towards a CEH. A customer engagement hub is a more sophisticated framework that ties multiple systems together, like analytics, content management, customer relationship management and marketing automation. A CEH helps you learn about consumers as they move across devices and journey stages, and enables personalized, contextual customer engagement across all channels.

Marketing pros know the power of personalized messages - improved profitability and greater market share. For today's healthcare consumers, personalization is the gateway to a more satisfying experience. And that's good for business.

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