Physician practices, especially those that rely on elective surgeries to drive revenue, are quickly realizing the painful impact COVID-19 is having on their operations. Physicians and administrators are grappling with a myriad of difficult financial decisions, including whether to continue marketing.

If you're weighing the pros and cons of a continued advertising investment, be sure to take a moment to reflect on your brand's purpose and "why". How can you best sustain your practice's long-term vision? Here are three benefits worth considering:

Save lives by diverting patients away from the ER

Dentists and orthopedists, to name a few, are doing their part to continue seeing patients with emergency needs who might otherwise visit hospitals overcrowded with COVID-19 cases.

Many of these practices are shifting their ad spend and messaging to specifically drive patients with urgent needs to their doors or promoting telehealth/virtual visits.

  • Ask your agency or local media stations to help you re-work your creative (or develop new copy). Most are willing to do this at no or low cost and are prioritizing getting this message to the community as quickly as possible.
  • Revisit your current media plan and consider new channels or solutions. Viewership on radio, tv and streaming platforms is at an all-time high and may provide greater reach, enabling you to connect with consumers more effectively.

Deepen relationships with your patients

When consumers feel insecure about the future, it becomes even more important for practices to adopt a compassionate tone. By taking the time to be thoughtful when people feel vulnerable, you can provide support and foster trust.

  • Craft your communication to show a strong understanding of what your patient population is experiencing. Focus on being accessible. Provide solutions to their problems. And reassure them with your calm medical professionalism.
  • Protect your patients by sharing public health and safety tips on your social channels or other advertising platforms.

Increase your share of voice

When the economy is uncertain, there are, of course, competitive advantages to staying in touch with consumers.

  • If your competitors decide to advertise less while you hold steady, you'll get a greater share of the public's attention - which can increase consumer confidence in your brand.
  • By projecting an image of stability rather than going quiet, you can be perceived as the safe haven consumers seek.

At CMG Health Marketing, we appreciate and know that physician practices are a critical part of caring for the community during these unprecedented times and beyond. If there's any way we can help or provide support, please reach out. We're here for you.