Is your community ready for flu season? It's just around the corner with flu activity typically kicking off in October, surging in December and January, and peaking in February, according to the CDC. But this year flu season as we know it will be different. With COVID-19 still racing across the country, we could be looking at strained emergency departments and overcrowded intensive care units. That's why it's more critical than ever to promote flu vaccines in your community. Here's how.

Communicate with your community

Fear and uncertainty. Those two words represent the new normal. What can you do to allay your community's fears? Commit to opening communication channels about the flu. After all, you're the local expert — the provider your community will trust to guide them through this flu season.

Spread the word with these free flu resources from the CDC:

Educate your patients

Help your community understand why the flu vaccine is safe and how it saves lives. Address common myths that prevent people from getting a flu shot such as ineffectiveness and side effects. Use the Department of Health and Human Services hashtag #WhyIFightFlu to address these misconceptions and spread evidence-based facts on social media.

Plus, inform your patients about the differences between flu and COVID-19. Many health organizations have created infographics and charts for their websites. They compare COVID-19 to the flu, colds, and allergies. Check out:

Propagate messages within your practice, and beyond

Decide how you're going to get the word out. Consider a multi-layered campaign with both traditional and digital channels. There's proof that this approach increases your reach and impacts ROI.

Looking for help getting started? We're passionate about connecting patients with local providers, as well as keeping communities safe and healthy this flu season. Contact CMG Health Marketing today.