While variety may be the spice of life, too much makes life harder. Scientists call it Hick’s Law. Consumers call it choice overload.

Patients looking for a provider have access to lots of input. Online sites, consumer reviews, suggestions from family and friends and advertising from multiple local providers equals confusion. Add the anxiety that comes with any healthcare decision, plus fear of making a poor decision, and it’s a prescription for inaction.

Research confirms that the more options patients have, the more likely they are to decide to “wait and see” rather than seeing a doctor. That’s not good for their health or for providers seeking new patients in a crowded market.

How can you help prospective patients overcome decision aversion? And better yet, how can you encourage them to choose your practice? Here are three ways to start.

Invest in Your Brand

Take your brand seriously. Patients will have an easier time making a choice if there’s a compelling reason to choose you. That “reason why” is what differentiates your brand. Study what your competitors are doing — then do something different. And develop a simple, consistent and reliable message. People seek out brands that are clearly differentiated.

Target the Right Patients for Your Practice

Healthcare is becoming more and more consumer-driven. The “right” patients for you are often the most profitable — a good reason for providers to invest in market research. Are you tuned in to what prospective patients want? Once you know who and where those patients are and what’s most important to them, you can reach out to build a relationship.

Consider Strategic Pricing for Elective Procedures

Price transparency reassures consumers they are making a wise decision. But can price transparency work for healthcare, where regulations often prohibit such a thing? Consider doing what one innovative surgery center did recently. They increased their customer base by publishing all-inclusive prices for certain elective procedures. As a result, customers felt more confident and valued the services highly. What’s your value proposition?

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