What's your number one goal as a healthcare marketer? To attract and retain patients.

While some new patients may find your practice organically, most patients (and therefore most of your revenue) will be captured as a result of well-planned marketing campaigns.

Two Types of Marketing Campaigns

Healthcare marketing campaigns usually fall into one of two camps.

Lead Generation

Lead generation (lead gen) campaigns produce new consumers (patients) through new appointments, new site visitors, or more contact info captures.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness campaigns seek to improve the perception of a healthcare organization. These campaigns focus on either reach (increasing consumer awareness) or reputation (enhancing the brand's appeal).

Measuring Campaigns with KPIs

Marketers measure a campaign's success against metrics known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Even the best creative in the world won't succeed without reaching the right target audience. Knowing the KPIs you will use to measure success will help focus your marketing campaign.

A lead gen campaign aims to generate as many conversions for the lowest cost possible for the highest return on investment (ROI). KPIs for these campaigns should track effectiveness through metrics, such as:

  • Reach: Size of the campaign's audience
  • Reactions: Calls, site visits, and form completions
  • Conversions: Appointments scheduled or members enrolled
  • Cost per Conversion (CPC): Spend per new patient acquired

The lower the CPC, the more successful the campaign.

Brand awareness campaigns have different goals, and therefore different KPIs. These may include:

  • Impressions: How many times people viewed or interacted with your content
  • Community activity: Comments, posts, shares, and likes
  • Perception: How the public responds to your organization

You can evaluate public perception by phone, written, or digital surveys solicited from your member base. Gauge the effectiveness of your campaign by calculating the cost per impression. Or you can weigh the overall cost of your campaign against how it moved the dial on public opinion.

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