Men would rather shave with ice water than visit a doctor. Or so it seems. Statistics show that fewer men than women have a healthcare provider they see regularly, and men don't keep up with preventive care visits and screenings as well as women do.

Women may be easier targets for healthcare marketing, but you can reach men with content that reflects what matters to them: relationships, family, work, fitness, and quality of life. Here are seven tips for multi-channel marketing aimed at men:

  • Write about men's health in your newsletters, blogs, social media, and other marketing. Most readers may be women, but that's OK: women make 80% of healthcare decisions for their families.
  • Offer urgent-care and telehealth visits. Men like convenience. Show them you can make healthcare as quick and easy as an oil change.
  • Keep your eye on the calendar. Tie campaigns to events such as March Madness, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl. Celebrate Men's Health Week, Men's Health Month, and Father's Day in June each year.
  • Join the "Movember movement". This social media campaign each November encourages men to grow mustaches to build awareness of men's health issues.
  • Design with men in mind. Choose neutral, masculine colors and overstuffed, leather chairs and provide free Wi-Fi and relevant in-office marketing messages.
  • Lose the hospital gowns. No one likes gowns, men least of all. Let patients leave on loose-fitting clothing during their office visit.
  • Hit the streets. Rev up to meet potential patients where they are. Offer outreach clinics and simple screenings in home improvement stores, brewpubs, and gyms.

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