Now that consumers have the purchasing power and decision-making ability to manage their health and wellness, what are they "shopping" for? According to a recent digital consumer insights report from Hitwise, these are the top three self-care trends right now:

A Surge of Interest in Keto Diet Plans

Which weight-loss diet dominates online searches? This year, the ketogenic diet holds the number one spot by a huge margin.

What's interesting is how the keto search audience breaks down according to device.

  • Mobile users want quick advice. As you can imagine, if you're using a tablet, e-reader or smartphone you want advice on the go. Mobile users search for keto menus and foods.
  • Desktop users want a plan. Desktops and laptops suggest more time and focus, which may explain why these users search for diet reviews and keto how-to's for beginners.

CBD Oil for Self-Medication

Searches for CBD information are up 67 percent this year over last, as consumers seek natural remedies for pain and treatment for depression. However, patients suffering from chronic disease have the highest affinity toward CBD.

  • Diabetes (diabetes patients are three times more likely to use CBD)
  • COPD
  • Crohn's disease
  • Cancer

The data is surprising in two respects. Searchers are likely to be women age 55 to 64 and are 19 percent more likely to be ultra-conservative - a lifestyle not normally associated with alternative, non-traditional treatments.

Discrete Rx Delivered to Your Door

It's to be expected that online ordering and free delivery extends to prescription drugs. But some data shows that discretion may be as important as convenience. According to up-and-coming digital pharmacy start-up, Blink Health, the majority of search traffic comes from specific medicine searches, suggesting the desire for anonymity, including:

  • Male enhancement drugs (sildenafil)
  • Hair loss treatments (finasteride)
  • Appetite suppressants (phentermine)

It's never been more important to track how consumers engage with their healthcare. The more you know about them, the better you can engage their loyalty, expand your services and your reach.

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