It’s a fact: men would rather chew leather than see a healthcare provider. Well maybe not chew leather, but surveys do show 60 percent of men refuse to see a physician. When it comes to healthcare marketing, women are the easier target: they are more likely to visit providers regularly and make 80 percent of healthcare decisions for their families.

That makes men underserved and vulnerable to serious health issues down the road. Get guys to man up with these 10 ways to market your services.

  1. Design a man cave environment. Provide free Wi-Fi, big screens, and decorate with overstuffed leather chairs and neutral, masculine colors.
  1. Target messaging to their interests. Focus on sports, grilling, exercise, parenting, and home improvement.
  1. Create campaigns around popular events. Tie into March Madness, the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, and so forth.
  1. Join the Movember movement. Every November the Movember Foundation encourages men to grow mustaches and raise funds and awareness for men’s health.
  1. Offer convenience. Guys want on-time appointments that don’t make them feel rushed.
  1. Provide offsite screenings. Set up services in a hardware or sporting goods store, at local sports and community events, and at fitness centers.
  1. Tap into telemedicine and telehealth apps. Give male patients the option of a remote consultation with a healthcare provider.
  1. Get a spouse or partner involved. Women are often able to persuade their male partners to visit a healthcare provider, so get them involved. Sponsor date nights or “let’s do this together” events and offer breast and prostate screenings.
  1. Ditch hospital gowns. Need we say more? Hospital gowns are an unnecessary indignity. Tell guys to pack comfortable pajamas. They will thank you.
  1. Produce a men’s newsletter. Feature local physicians answering questions about men’s health. Offer giveaways like tickets to sporting events or coupons to a gym or home improvement store for men who schedule appointments.

Are your creative wheels spinning? Marketing to men can be a challenge, but these ideas can help you get started. When you’re ready to develop and implement a comprehensive campaign, give us a call. Let’s work together to get men’s health back on track.