Healthcare is changing faster than you can say “Alexa, is it the flu?”, and so is healthcare marketing. Today patients are consumers armed with a wealth of information and a long list of options. Here’s a look at five trends to help you keep up in 2019.

Custom content andconversations. Healthcare marketing in 2019 will merge three elements: brand, direct and content. Marketers will create custom experiences across multiple channels including email and patient portals.

Tip: Update patient portals with customized messages and current health data.

Patient motivation. Consumers with chronic conditions often neglect taking care of their health. They will want to hear from their healthcare providers more often, especially if there’s cause for concern.

Tip: Launch campaigns that motivate patients to keep wellness top of mind by communicating via email, text messaging, phone calls and patient portals.

Customer experience. Patients will continue to demand a “here and now” approach to their interactions with you. They will expect you to engage with them during every phase of their journey from initial exploration to commitment.

Tip: Meet healthcare consumers during these four stages:

  • As they research what ails them.
  • As they explore where to get treatment.
  • As they decide whom they can trust.
  • As they book an appointment. 

Digital consumers. Marketing experts will change the term “digital strategy” to “strategies for the digital consumer.” No surprise here — 93 million Americans searched for health-related information online over the past year, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project study.

Tip: Post relevant messages on all of your patients’ favorite digital channels.

Data analytics. To remain competitive, healthcare providers will spend more time and money on predictive and powerful data analytics and insights, as they seek to better understand the consumer.

Tip: Use actionable data to reach patients with the right message at the right time.

Kick off 2019 with a plan that sets you up for success. Let’s partner and usher in a remarkable New Year.