Patients have more options than ever when it comes to healthcare. To stay ahead of the competition, urgent care providers should focus on 3 takeaways from the CMG Health Marketing Urgent Care Consumer Insights Study.

1.  Prioritize the patient experience.

  • No appointment necessary. Consumers are used to making restaurant reservations and reserving a tee time online, and they expect the same from an on-demand healthcare provider. Start with a professionally built, engaging website that showcases wait times and offers appointment reservations or online scheduling.
  • Convenience. When it comes to urgent care, patients want a safe, easy solution. Things like free parking or Uber drop-off services are a must-have for many patients, or they are likely to go elsewhere. For others, saving their spot in line is a priority (and being texted if something changes).
  • Retailization. Millennials are forcing providers to think with a retail mindset. From waiting rooms that have a spa-like environment to onsite service options like lab and imaging – amenities matter. 

2. Invest in marketing.

  • Brand management. Consumers are looking for real value and helpful information. They want to be informed. So along with promotional messaging, providers must deliver educational content via blog posts, articles, video and social messages that will help patients manage their health and make empowered decisions.
  • Community-based marketing. Clinics are reaching into their communities and participating in health fairs and events that grow brand awareness and build their reputation.  Consider becoming a sponsor of a local sports team or donating to imporatnt causes that affect the lives of the people who live near your practice.

3. Leverage data and analytics.

  • Consumer insights. Urgent care clinics are no longer relying on patients to just walk in the door.  They are marketing smartly and using data for direction. 
  • Attribution. A common marketing challenge for many urgent care clinics is attribution—figuring out what’s working (and why). From tracking campaign investment to analyzing return on investment, there are endless ways providers can use data to influence marketing success.

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