Gen X (those born from 1965 to 1980) is the "forgotten generation" lodged between the more notorious generations of Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Now approaching middle age, Gen X is also the "sandwich generation" — they provide care to both their children and their aging parents. These dual responsibilities make Gen Xers the primary healthcare decision-makers for their families. Consequently, they are most likely to feel fear, anger, and concern about the pandemic — even more so than their Boomer parents.

As leaders in their families' healthcare, Gen Xers have unprecedented buying power when it comes to health. As a result, these four healthcare marketing traits will resonate with this pivotal audience.


Gen Xers rely on peer reviews and external validation when making healthcare choices. And, as the first generation raised with internet access, they have plenty of experience doing their own research.

Cultivating long-term relationships with this generation can mean earning a multi-generational commitment to your healthcare organization. And if you choose to position yourself as a source of services Gen Xers need, make sure you've got the goods — and can prove it.


Like other generations, Gen Xers' openness to telehealth has increased since 2020. But not at the expense of personal, committed relationships with their providers. To maintain loyalty, doctors must take the time to listen to their concerns.

The same is true of your marketing. Actions speak louder than words with this generation. Eye-catching creative works, but so does a commitment to purpose and meaning behind your campaigns.


The financial pressure of nearing retirement. An unstable job market due to a global pandemic. A need to protect the health of their children, their parents and themselves. Gen Xers face these stressors every day.

You'll want to show you understand the diverse factors affecting their peace of mind when marketing to Gen X.


Gen Xers want information they can use. Whether they get it from social media, podcasts, or their doctors, relevance and reliability are key.

Aim to include actionable content in your marketing — pandemic-specific data, methods to improve health during quarantine, and information on where to do more research. By reaching Gen Xer's heads, you'll also reach their hearts.

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