What do millennials and baby boomers have in common? Not much, really — and it’s these differences that dictate how you should approach boomers with ads. For instance, boomers have significantly more money in the bank, and they’re willing to spend it on healthcare.

Last week you read about the TV viewing and lifestyle habits of baby boomers. This week let’s take a look at the creative tactics to boost your baby boomer reach.

Pull on their heartstrings. Boomers respond to ads that trigger emotion and portray experiences relevant to their lives. They enjoy heartwarming messages focused on love, family, and togetherness. Take advantage of holidays, when boomers look forward to time with their children and grandchildren.

Promote values. Boomers have stronger spiritual values and show more concern for others as they age. They appreciate brands that serve the health and well-being of those less-fortunate. Generate ads to show how your brand provides services to people in need or raises funds for a cause. 

Create clear, honest messages. Boomers are ad-savvy. They’ve grown up watching traditional television with its steady stream of advertising gimmicks. They don’t like big, sweeping claims; they only want the facts. Stick with direct product information, not abstract ideas and images. They’ll sit through longer ads (:59 seconds), too. Just don’t pressure them with time-urgent messages.

Tap into their active lifestyles. Boomers defy the typical perceptions associated with aging. They believe they will be forever young and healthy. If they suffer a setback such as a bum knee, they’ll do whatever it takes to fix it and get back on track. Make sure your ads showcase energetic or adventurous boomers. Push products and services that will help them continue to live out their best years.

Don’t ignore this valuable patient population. Let’s work together to create ads that reach boomers with direct, honest, and heartwarming messages.