Today’s consumers expect providers and hospitals to contribute to their wellness. Luckily, you already have a tool for that: marketing. Marketing can do more than promote your brand and sell services. It can promote public health.

By flexing your advertising and branding muscle, you can: 

  • Educate the public through messaging and seminars;
  • Support wellness through events and preventive services; and
  • Inspire your employees with internal health initiatives.

Not sure where to start? Begin by brainstorming where there is greatest local need. Does your community have a large population of low-income families suffering from poor nutrition? Maybe there is a high incidence of hypertension or diabetes. Or perhaps the community is plagued by addiction and mental health problems.

Maximize your resources by putting together an action plan around one critical issue. If you need thought starters, check to see if Gallup lists your community in its rankings report.

Empower Your Community to Make Better Choices

Once you determine an area of focus, reach out through your usual marketing channels. Consider the following: 

  • Create a landing page dedicated to education and wellness success stories. Stress the benefits of good health.
  • Engage with social posts that promote your campaign.
  • Use calendar postings for things like free classes on nutrition, tools for healthy weight loss or mental health awareness for young people.
  • Produce videos featuring patients or staff sharing an upbeat, positive message.

Participate in Events, Offer Wellness Services

Do more than put your logo on a t-shirt. Show up at or sponsor local events – especially if you’re an independent practice embedded in the community. Set a goal for the event, such as new patient appointments, then have fun connecting with your prospective patients.

Provide preventive services at schools, churches, community centers and festivals. There’s no better way to show you care than to volunteer and meet consumers where they are. Offer flu shots when they’re needed most, cancer screenings or diabetes prevention seminars.

Lead by Example: Promote Employee Wellness

Wellness begins with a personal commitment. Give your employees healthy options and incentives for staying fit and healthy outside of work. They can be walking testimonials that you practice what you preach.

Need more ideas on how to use your marketing power to improve public health? Give us a call.