For many people, choosing a new healthcare provider is not a decision made overnight. While it takes time to build awareness and gain trust, there are steps you can take to help attract and retain patients. It comes as no surprise that many of these tactics involve your digital platforms, as we know patients are conducting online research to help with the decision-making process.

According to a 2021 research study, the 3 Cs - convenience, cost and clinical expertise - continue to be important considerations for many individuals looking for a healthcare partner. With that in mind, here are five techniques you can use to make your practice stand out:

  • Simplify Insurance Information - Insurance is complicated and confusing. Make patient's journey easier by clearly sharing which health plans your practice accepts. List the best way for them to get answers to their insurance-related questions, even if it's a simple message on your site instructing them to call the phone number listed on the back of their insurance cards. If your staff routinely fields the same questions about insurance or financing, consider a Frequently Asked Questions section on your site.
  • Feature Your Convenient Location(s) - While how far a patient is willing to travel varies by specialty, your local media partner can help you target patients already near your practice's location(s). Make sure your practice's information appears correctly in a Google search, including address and contact information.
  • Highlight Provider Background and Clinical Expertise - Potential patients are searching online for background information on your providers, including how long they have been in practice and performing certain procedures. Make it easy to find these details on your practice's site. Patients are much more likely to schedule an appointment with a provider who also has a short introductory video where they explain their philosophy of care.
  • Showcase Appointment Availability - Patients always prefer to visit a provider before an urgent care clinic. If your providers offer same-day appointments, put this information on your site and highlight it in your marketing. You'll also want to call out any extended hours and/or after-hours appointment availability (like weekends). If you don't already have a self-scheduling system, your practice may want to consider implementing one. Not only can this be a time saver for your staff and providers, but it's more convenient for patients to schedule an appointment on their own timeline, without waiting for a return phone call.
  • Build Your Online Reputation - Word-of-mouth is still important, but an increasing number of patients are using online reviews to round out their provider research. Develop an easy process for your patients to submit feedback and leave reviews. Turn the best reviews into content on your site and/or incorporate them into a video or social media post.

Taking care of patients is your business. Helping you attract and retain patients is ours. Partners like CMG Health Marketing can help you reach the customers you want. Contact us to learn more.