The patient experience is evolving.

Consumers have more choices and more information than ever before. And, they know their power—if your organization doesn't meet their needs, they will take their business elsewhere. Fast.

Here are three things to remember when planning your marketing strategy for 2022.

Convenience is king

According to McKinsey & Company, telehealth usage has stabilized at 38 times its pre-pandemic levels.

Telehealth is here to stay. Why? Because it's convenient and efficient, and that's exactly what healthcare consumers are looking for in 2022.

To match their desire, market convenience as your strength. For example:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Live care online chat
  • Physician access via email and text
  • Retail healthcare services
  • Seamless digital experiences
  • Walk-in appointments

Let your customers know what you offer, and how it can make their healthcare more convenient for them.

Digital-first does not mean digital-only

Paid social, paid search, SEO, and social media are critical forms of digital advertising. And, although platforms like TikTok are effective for reaching Gen Z, direct mail still works.

An integrated marketing plan that combines traditional and digital communication will yield better results than one that leans too far in either direction.

Trust matters—a lot

Consumers are spending their own money on healthcare and making their own decisions. They have more options and more providers vying to be among them. To get to the top of a consumer's (search engine) list, you need to earn their trust.

Build social proof through digital review and rating sites, patient testimonials and physician interviews. Expand brand awareness, community involvement and your overall social media presence.

And plan to think outside the box in 2022. Healthcare organizations will need to be ready to explore new ways to resonate with consumers.

The future is personal

No matter how you choose to capture your patients' attention in 2022, make sure you focus on them. Consumers expect increased personalization throughout their user journeys, from customized patient portals and website experiences to appointment reminders and follow-ups.

Healthcare will put consumer needs first in 2022. We can help you tailor your messaging to highlight convenience and trust across all your marketing channels. Contact CMG Health Marketing to get started.