Once an economic movement reserved only for the purchase of goods, consumerism has spread to service-based industries including healthcare. Is healthcare consumerism real? Is it here to stay? All indications say yes, as social media and e-commerce platforms give consumers a choice and a voice.

To stay one step ahead, consider these strategies:

Connect with smart consumers. Today’s healthcare consumers search for and share health information openly online. They make decisions about care long before they schedule an appointment. Keep up with them by: 

  • Participating in online patient communities and listening to what they’re saying.
  • Following reviews to see what patients are saying about you and your competitors. Use the information to guide your customer service and offerings.
  • Posting relevant social media messages for maximum reach. Consider posts that bust a health myth, respond to a trending health concern, or answer a health question.

Satisfy customers with convenience. Patients lack patience. They want answers and appointments ASAP. Give them what they want by:

  • Allowing them to schedule appointments online.
  • Confirming appointments via text message and/or email to increase on-time arrivals.
  • Offering a telemedicine service. Not only will online services boost productivity and profitability, they’ll set your brand apart from your competitors.

Make good on the patient experience. Stand behind your brand and messaging. You, your staff, and your office need to deliver by:

  • Providing seamless and consistent care. Consumers today value transparency – about outcomes and pricing.
  • Being active in your community and visible to potential patients. Gain exposure through local event sponsorships.
  • Sharing positive patient experiences online with videos or testimonial stories and photos.

Healthcare providers must think and market like retailers to remain competitive and attract new patients. The more you put patients at the center of everything you do, the more likely you are to experience growth and ROI. We’d love to help you create a strategic, consumer-focused plan.