The marketing terrain of 2021 looks drastically different than just one year ago. Consumers are finding and engaging with brands in new ways and expectations have changed. As a healthcare marketer, you may be wondering if there's a need to refresh the brand of your hospital or practice.

Refresh or Rebrand?

Before you rush to redesign your logo or update your tagline, it's important to reflect on the true definition of the word "brand", which is the way people perceive and experience your organization. Start with an inventory of all the elements that currently make up your brand. If you have recent patient survey data, review that information as well.

A brand refresh is an opportunity to revitalize your image while maintaining your brand's core aspects —not to be confused with the much more time-consuming rebrand. A refresh allows you to present a newly updated, more relevant version of your practice. Think of it like a fresh coat of paint versus an extensive renovation.

When to Consider a Brand Refresh

Once you've conducted your brand audit, it's time to ask some honest questions. Here are three reasons a brand refresh might be right for you:

  • Your ownership model is changing. Are you in the process of merging with or separating from another hospital or practice? Are you changing your hospital or practice name? If your answer is yes, it's the perfect time to adjust your brand strategy. Maybe you've shifted your core values to align with your parent company. Or perhaps you've implemented operational changes. Check to make sure your brand voice and messaging match your patients' experiences because that's how you build trust. Brand consistency benefits your staff, your patients and ultimately your bottom line.
  • You're offering a new set of services. Are you a dermatology group that's expanding to offer medical spa services? Or a sports medicine practice that's moved to a new location with added imaging and physical therapy services now onsite. A brand refresh can help you introduce your latest offerings to an audience that's never engaged with you before. The benefits of expanding your reach and tapping into a niche market are endlessly rewarding when done right.
  • You've noticed a decline in your market share. Have you experienced a decrease in patient volume despite running marketing campaigns? If your marketing team or agency has diligently made smart tweaks to your marketing mix and campaigns with no success, it could be your brand isn't resonating with consumers as it once did. A refresh may be exactly what you need to boost interest and engagement with potential patients. Seize the moment to re-imagine your future and stand out from competitors.

Whatever your reason for a refresh may be, at CMG Health Marketing our mission is to help you connect with the patients who need you most. If you need help assessing whether your organization needs a brand refresh, reach out today.