Did you know prestigious healthcare organizations are using Facebook Live to stream beneficial medical information to consumers - and seeing real results?

Consider what Facebook Live offers:

  • Live-streaming video from a mobile device
  • The option for live Q&A
  • An organic way to get your content into follower feeds
  • A way to quickly produce content relative to your current events
  • The need for very little equipment - just a smartphone with high definition video and a tripod

Live streaming, done right, can dramatically increase viewer numbers and engagement over the use of pre-recorded video. That should grab the marketing team's attention!

Facebook's Audience and Tools Offer a Competitive Edge

To stay ahead of your competitors, it helps to "fish where the fish are". Facebook active users total more than 1.71 billion per month. And Facebook tools help you manage, promote and capture live events. That makes live streaming a smart move for healthcare organizations to do things like:

  • Discuss consumer-friendly topics (e.g. how to identify a stroke)
  • Take viewers "backstage" to learn about new technology
  • Interview your top medical experts and allow them to answer questions
  • Hold press conferences and stage personnel recruiting events

Tie Live Streaming into your Overall Advertising Strategy

Facebook gives hosts the ability to create links for events up to a week in advance, so you can embed them in ads, blog posts and social media links - a feature that helps you avoid running paid search and display ads on topics unrelated to your live stream.

There's also an option for viewers to get a one-time reminder of your streaming event, so an audience is waiting when your broadcast begins. Additionally, with Facebook Live you can:

  • Measure reach and engagement
  • Encourage likes, comments and shares
  • Vitalize your call to action, such as "make an appointment"
  • If your social media team needs to know more, there's a Facebook site for that.

Ready, Set, Action!

Today, many people would rather watch a live video than read a blog post - an excellent reason to add Facebook Live to your marketing arsenal. With its high visibility, production speed and flexibility, and its low barrier to entry, you can see why it's become a leading content-sharing tool for healthcare marketers.

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