There’s no time like the present to re-think your marketing efforts and implement new strategies. Healthcare continues to evolve quickly with policy changes and technology innovations making headlines daily. Marketers must evolve too. Take a look at these trends to get up to speed.

1.  Voice tech.  “Alexa, how often should I get a physical?” “Siri, where can I get a knee X-ray?” More consumers will use voice-activated searches to find answers to health questions. To compete in this space:

  • Write answers in a friendly way using easy-to-understand terms and phrases.
  • Integrate keywords into your website’s backend.
  • Use long-tail keywords to help customers find your practice or clinic.
  • Apply mispronounced words into your strategy. Voice-activated programs don’t always interpret terms correctly.

2.  High-quality content. Patients will look for expert insights. Publish articles and blog posts written by your physicians with answers to common medical questions.

3.  Storytelling videos. Healthcare consumers will watch more videos featuring success stories and tips from patients who’ve survived life-threatening diseases. Interview patients and post their video stories on your website and YouTube.

4.  Social engagement. Creative social media campaigns will drive engagement. Motivate followers to participate in challenges and share their results.

5.  Virtual reality (VR). Yes, really. Healthcare providers already use VR for training and education. Look for tech companies to fire up healthcare marketing tools using VR technology.

6.  Data reports. The use of business intelligence tools and data analytics is on the rise in the healthcare space. Master them to generate reports and evaluate outcomes.

7.  Web traffic. Patients will interact with you if you provide seamless experiences across digital channels. Worry less about measuring website traffic and focus more on building your brand, acquiring new patients and booking appointments. Plus, place heavily searched content such as hours, phone numbers and directions on all channels.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call. We’ll work with you to figure out the best trends to pursue depending on your business goals and objectives for 2019. Even small changes can yield big results. Launch the new year with a new strategy today!