Millions of Americans are turning to social media influencers for healthcare information. Naturally, media-savvy healthcare marketers are exploring the possibilities.

If your team is already in hot pursuit of a trustworthy influencer, keep in mind that "trust" is the operative word.

Safeguard consumer trust in your brand

Your healthcare brand adheres to a high standard of ethics and regulations. You work hard to earn consumer trust, and you should expect the same from healthcare influencers. Here are three tips to help safeguard your brand:

Vet thoroughly and choose wisely.It's crucial to select the influencer that's right for you. Thoroughly research your potential influencer's qualifications, including education, specialization and board certification. Check out their website and their social media accounts. Ensure their content is consistent with your brand identity and ethos. Follower count or celebrity status should never be the central criteria.

Make sure they follow regulations and laws. Every healthcare influencer must be diligent about following HIPAA and FDA rules. Also, they must obey advertising laws that require them to disclose "sponcon," the sponsored content they've been paid to write about.

Ask your influencer to educate, not sell. Many physicians and nurses have taken to social media to advocate for health. They've built trust and rapport not by shilling the latest product, but by using their perspective to raise awareness. They inspire and educate their followers on topics like Alzheimer's, behavioral health, women's health issues or the importance of screenings and vaccines.

Influencers serve you best as "reporters," not salespeople. That's why some healthcare organizations invite their influencers to attend events, so that they can report to their followers in their own trusted voice about new offerings.

Influencer campaigns must mix well with others

Instant access to social media means it's often easier for your patients to get information from a trusted healthcare influencer than it is from your busy providers. Leveraging an influencer for your organization can be an impactful and cost-effective addition to your marketing plan.

As healthcare content marketing continues to evolve, CMG Health Marketing keeps you abreast of the latest trends. Are all your campaigns working together to meet your goals? Call us for a checkup.