Can you juggle? Most people can’t, but healthcare providers are expected to juggle everything from scheduling and billing to caring for and following up with patients. With so much up in the air, something has to end up on the bottom of your priority list. Often, that something is marketing. But it doesn’t have to.

Outsourcing marketing is one of the most effective investments you can make to keep your practice growing. If you’re hoping to attract new patients and nurture existing ones, take the leap, and ask for help.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

The right talent when you need it.

Consider the cost of building a marketing/digital team within your practice. It takes time, training, and managing. That’s time you take away from your patients and running your business.

Healthcare marketing and advertising companies are chock full of smart individuals, all with niche expertise, dedicated to serving you. They are strategists, writers, designers, coders, social media gurus, and SEO pros, just to name a few. You can’t get all that talent by hiring one person or expecting it from your office staff.  

Cutting-edge technology and resources.

Keeping up with changing algorithms and consumer trends is no easy task. Having the right tools and programs to do market research, run analytics, and implement multichannel plans in both digital and traditional media is a must-have to truly get noticed and elevate your brand today.

When you call for outside marketing help, you get access to exclusive subscriptions as well as partnerships with industry powerhouses like Google and Facebook. It’s your ticket to the inner circle.

A strategy that works.     

Some healthcare practices use multiple vendors: one to work on SEO, another to handle social media, a third to create ads, and so forth. While you may be able to piece together seemingly “cost-effective” marketing tactics with this approach, you risk inconsistencies in voice, messaging, and analytics.

Consider tapping one company you trust for your marketing/digital planning and execution. You’ll be in a better position to optimize for success and gain a stronger return on your investment.

Convinced you need healthcare marketing expertise? We’re happy to help. Our job is to connect you with the right patients – the ones who need treatment and expertise only you can deliver.