Year-Over-Year Increase in Testing

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Services

Driving Growth, Awareness, and Engagement for LGBTQ+ Healthcare Services

Client Business and Marketing Goal

The client, a healthcare facility serving LGBTQ+ populations in Northeast Georgia, sought to bolster its general branding and awareness while concurrently increasing website traffic. Of key importance was the promotion of testing and prevention services for HIV/STIs, including facilitating appointments for PrEP and PeP.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges encountered revolved around crafting messaging that effectively communicated the importance of STI/HIV testing and prevention and also did so in a sensitive manner. It was imperative to ensure inclusivity in messaging while navigating potential stigmas associated with such services.

The Approach

The CMG team crafted a multifaceted approach, employing email marketing through Site Impact as a primary tactic. This was complemented by the strategic use of social media for retargeting and creating look-alike audiences. Interest-based qualifiers, such as Netflix show viewership, were utilized for precise audience targeting.


The budget for CMG solutions was $5,000 per month.


Success was gauged through various metrics, including:

  • Link clicks to the client's website
  • Year-over-year comparisons of HIV testing numbers
  • Overall amplification of market awareness.

The Result

CMG's efforts yielded remarkable results During the campaign spanning from July to December 2023.

The campaign generated an impressive 1.1 million social media impressions, effectively widening the reach of the client's message.

Moreover, the initiative drove 22,700 link clicks to the client's websites, surpassing established benchmarks with an impressive 1.94% click-through rate (CTR).

Notably, there was a substantial 50% year-over-year increase in HIV testing numbers, with 5,900 tests conducted in 2023.

Additionally, CMG played a pivotal role in facilitating the sell-out of the client's annual benefit show through strategically devised social media and display campaigns.


This case study illustrates CMG Health Marketing's resourcefulness and efficacy in driving growth, awareness, and community engagement for healthcare facilities, including those catering to marginalized populations.

By deploying strategic campaigns and leveraging innovative client acquisition strategies, CMG significantly enhanced brand visibility while substantially growing appointment volume and revenue for the healthcare organization.

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Increase in leads

Florida Dentistry Practice

The Challenge

A prominent dental practice in Tampa needed a cohesive brand and marketing strategy with impactful messaging. Prior to meeting the CMG team, their only lead drivers were print advertising and a small PPC campaign. Top priorities for the client included a partner that was local and digital savvy. They wanted to be regularly informed on the latest digital trends including responsive website design and social media.

The Approach

The CMG team conducted a brand/marketing strategy workshop in the initial stages of the relationship with the client to truly understand their business and goals. This discovery session allowed us to put together a strong, comprehensive marketing recommendation that included responsive website redesign, SEO, blogs & native, PPC, retargeting, display, and social advertising.

As the relationship with the client has evolved, we have continually optimized the campaigns for success and tapped into the latest consumer data and research to refine our strategy.

The Result

The overall strategy in this campaign led to the client's phone call leads being doubled. The practice set new patient revenue records after being in business for 35 years. In fact, they have set a new sales goal of $800,000 per month. The annual charity event they put on in the fall was picked up by local TV stations due to a strong PR strategy.

Most importantly, the client's marketing success has contributed to their bottom line and ability to expand to a second location.

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